Chess Game Reviews Online and for PC

  • Stroud Chess Game

    Stroud Chess Game Review

    Stroud Chess may not look like the flashiest or polished game in the world, but to look at superficial features such as this would be to overlook the true beauty of the game in the first place. Though it has a very simple interface, this is all that is required of a flash game whose primary purpose is to allow you to practice the game of chess against opponents of varying difficulty. Even the most well-renowned professionals and chess champions couldn’t have gotten to where they are today without practice, and Stroud Chess is a well-constructed flash game that’s free to play, meaning it is highly accessible and will serve as a crucial tool for many people...


  • Great Mate Master Game Review

    Great Mate Master Game Review

    The 16,000 end-game possibilities of Great Matemaster Chess are in themselves an adequate reason for chess players of all abilities to experience this game. But these 16,000 individual opportunities for you to better your chess skills comprise just one aspect of a great tool that can be used for either entertainment or education. The unusual format – achieving a checkmate in a pre-determined number of moves – makes it much more entertaining than many of the generic chess-practice tools out there. Matemaster essentially transforms the straightforward chess format into a strategic experience all of its own, and you’d be remiss to miss out.


  • Hero Academy Game Review

    Hero Academy Game Review

    Fancy a game that has a core of addictive turn-based strategy wrapped in a thick layer of stylish cartoon fantasy? If this very specific set of preferences is what you’re searching for, there’s no need to look further than Hero Academy, a game which is as triumphant and fantastical as its title may suggest. With gameplay that involves battles played on a chess-like board consisting of many squares, Hero Academy has you battling against an opposing team with view to destroying their crystals before they manage to destroy yours. This review looks a little more closely at this game which possesses an impeccable turn-based fantasy format.