Great Mate Master Game Review

A Casual Twist

No other board game out there comes with the level of gravitas and also mystery than that of chess. To try and master chess is really an attempt to try and master something that cannot have a master. There are thousands of top-quality players out there, but even they cannot hold the knowledge of every single combination of moves available in every chess game they will play.

Great Mate Master Game Review

Even the best players need a starting point however, and there is arguably nowhere better to start than with the casual chess-based fun of Great Matermaster Chess. Though there are hundreds of chess simulators and practice tools out there, Great Matemaster offers a massive 16,000 end-game combinations. Effectively, Matemaster therefore holds 16,000 ways in which aspiring chess players can get better at the art of trying to master what might not be something that can be mastered.


As is mentioned above, Great Matemaster’s format isn’t a strictly-played chess game that the fellows at Chess Magazine would necessarily approve of, but rather a selection of end-game scenarios. What is meant by “end-game scenarios/combinations” is the situations that arise at the later stages of a chess match. The gameplay requires that you forget about the usual starting position of chess – all pieces on the board laid out in their prescribed starting order – and instead enter into any one of a total of 16,000 different scenarios where pieces are placed at various positions on the board.

Each of the scenarios available will challenge your knowledge of the function of each of the pieces at hand as well as give your strategic brain a good working out as well. You’ll be challenged to make checkmate in any number of moves, and all you have to do is use the mouse to select what you want to do with the pieces you have available.

Great Mate Master Game Review

Interface and Content

The game’s interface is clean and simply constructed. The entire game is presented using various shades of green, giving it a look that distinguishes it from the standard wood-based themes that many other games use. Though not as clean of an interface as mobile game Tall Chess, the simplicity of the interface still allows players to focus on the strategic aspects of the game, rather than having to wade through extra features and worry about XP systems.

As for content, it has already been mentioned that the game possesses 16,000 end-game combinations, which is impressive in itself. In addition to this, the game can also be experienced at varying levels of difficulty, from Novice to through to Difficult, and even a “Fiendish” mode of difficulty. You are also able to play a standard game of chess as well if you wish to do so, making this a good all-round practice tool that doesn’t rely solely on the novelty of unusual chess-themed problems to solve. Remember, some of the strategic situations in the game obviously don’t always correspond in a realistic fashion to actual chess conundrums, so it can be good to take a breather to reset your chess brain by playing a standard, straight-laced game once in a while.

A Great Escape

As this Great Matemaster Game Review argues, you cannot call Great Matemaster a chess-training solution in of itself. What can be said about it however is that it is a great chess-themed strategy game with a serious load of content available to entertain as well as educate beginners in the rudimentary functions of the pieces that comprise the beautiful game.